Valve has started sending out dev kits of the new Steam Deck

Games are delayed and postponed every day, but can you expect the same thing from hardware? This could easily be done, as there is a global shortage of semiconductors, for example, but most indications are that Valve will keep its promise to launch Steam Deck before the end of the year. In a post on […]

A Resident Evil 4: Remake seems to be on the way

Gamescom starts this week and as you can probably guess, there are many rumors flowing right now. Now it looks like a Resident Evil 4 remake may be on the way, this since the official twitter account for Resident Evil recently tweeted this: Nothing else, no explanations. “Itchy. Tasty.” comes from the very first Resident […]

Bethesda surprises with remastered version of Quake

The rumors that a new version of Quake was coming were true! In connection with QuakeCon’s launch, Bethesda surprised by releasing a new refined version of the 25-year-old game that can now be enjoyed in higher resolution, improved lighting, nicer character models and a lot of other goodies. The new version of the game is […]

Lots of hands-on videos on Valve’s Steam Deck

A whole bunch of hands-on videos of the upcoming Steam Deck have found their way onto Youtube. These are more or less famous youtubers and influencers who have been allowed to play with it (or a “alpha version”) for an hour or so. What seems to be common to all is that everyone seems to […]

Rockstar is working on remasters of GTA III, Vice City & San Andreas

Rockstar is currently working on a trilogy of remasters, and it’s not just any three games. According to a report from Kotaku, it is Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that are now being redone from scratch. According to Kotaku, the games will be created with […]

Roccat Syn Pro Air Review: Superb Gaming Sound

Unveiled back in May, the Roccat Syn Pro Air has finally been released to the PC gaming community. However, the ever-evolving $150 wireless PC gaming headset market is crowded with great options, so a new competitor has to stand out in order to make a difference. Does the the new flagship headset from Roccat do […]

Valve announces the Steam Deck a portable PC

Valve has announced a new portable platform called Steam Deck. However, you will be able to connect it to a larger screen, dock it and connect everything you normally can to a PC. It is a laptop that will come in several different price ranges. The only difference between the price ranges is the storage […]

ROCCAT’s First Studio-Grade USB Microphone Delivers Broadcast-Quality Sound

Earlier today, the Germany-based PC peripheral brand Roccat revealed the Torch, its first studio-grade USB microphone. Designed for gamers, streamers, and aspiring content creators, the Torch is packed full of professional-grade features, including 24-bit audio quality, a dual condenser design, latency-free Mic Monitoring, and a built-in pop filter. Roccat’s Torch will ensure creators always sound […]

Later today: Summer Games Done Quick

Today at 18:00, this year’s edition of Summer Games Done Quick kicks off, which means that you have a real speed run party to look forward to. This event involves people playing through various games as quickly as possible, which is often fun to watch. What always makes this a little extra interesting is that […]