Tech: Technology.
Craver: To have an intense desire for.

What is Techcravers?

Techcravers started as an Instagram account which primarily focused on engineering and science related content around 2017. Back then I published fun and – more or less – innovative products and inventions to a growing crowd of followers. I continued to grow steadily and peaked in 2018 with over 100,000 followers.

By the end of 2019 however, the motivation to continue publishing that type of content had disappeared and the account was paused indefinitely.

What you have in front of you now, is what I wanted from the beginning. A site where I can publish news and trivia about new and old (yet fascinating) technology, gaming and write reviews on the various types of gadgets that I come across as a techcraver.

However, when I changed the direction of my account, thousands of followers/readers disappeared (for natural reasons). Since then, my new journey has started and I hope that you want to come along!

Site/Social Media Statistics for 2021 (rounded figures)

  • Techcravers.net had 266,000 website hits
  • 102,000 Instagram followers, 44,800,000 accounts reached, 2,600,000 post interactions
  • 1 457 Facebook followers
  • YouTube Subscribers: N/A (Channel started in February 2022)

Top 10 visitors demographics (in order): United States, Sweden, Ireland, United Kingdom, India, Denmark, Australia, Canada, China and Germany.

(stats last updated on the 25th of January, 2021)