Many were far from impressed by the Battlefield 2042 beta and it is therefore not surprising that the complaints continued after the launch. Personally, I haven’t even managed to get a review code yet. Fortunately, though, it sounds like Dice is working hard to make the game better.

The developers have published a long post where they go into detail on what updates and improvements we can look forward to in Battlefield 2042 in the future. They reiterate that a new update will be released today (Thursday), and that this will, among other things, solve the problem that some players do not spawn with the desired equipment, the problem that some weapons have an extremely wide range of shots, reduces the effect of Hovercrafts and Nightbirds 20mm weapon and changes the resuscitation system so you do not stay lying down for too long.

Then comes an even bigger update sometime in early December. This one will address the issues that many PC gamers have encountered after adjusting their visibility sensitivity, make it easier to customize weapons faster, improve matchmaking, introduce weekly missions, balance lots of weapons and much more you can read more in detail about in the link below.

Source: EA