Since the release of PSVR2, a wave of discontent has surged, with many arguing that the hardware deserves much more than what has been delivered thus far. Sony, however, has treaded cautiously, not fully committing to the concept, thus struggling to justify to Playstation 5 users the additional expenditure of around 6500 kronor (600 USD) for peripheral equipment.

This, coupled with Sony’s recent restructuring, including the closure of London Studio (a developer heavily focused on producing PSVR2 titles) and layoffs across various teams, does not bode well. Now, further signs emerge indicating that the future of Sony’s virtual reality endeavor is in jeopardy.

According to reports from Bloomberg, Sony has halted the production of PSVR2 entirely due to significant stockpiles of unsold units. Analyst Takashi Mochizuki suggests that this is yet another indication of the device’s lack of appeal and raises serious questions about the future of virtual reality.

Just a few weeks ago, Sony announced that PSVR2 would receive PC compatibility later this year, potentially boosting its popularity. However, there are already several PC-optimized competitors in the same price range with better support, posing yet another uphill battle for Sony.

The discontinuation of PSVR2 production marks a significant setback for Sony’s ambitions in the virtual reality market. With mounting challenges and fierce competition, the road ahead for Sony’s VR aspirations appears increasingly uncertain.

Source: Bloomberg