Apple confirms that AirPods Max does not support Apple’s new Lossless Audio

Due to Apple’s use of old AAC systems, it has been noticed that not even their own super expensive AirPods Max headphones will benefit from Apple’s own Lossless Audio. Apple Music will be able to stream music in 24bit / 48Khz and 24bit / 192Khz, but instead of investing in one of the existing standards, […]

The Last of Us Part II performance patch for PS5

A free performance patch (1.08) for The Last of Us Part II have finally arrived for the Playstation 5 and you can download it right away. Once patch 1.08 for The Last of Us Part II is installed on your PS5, you will find a toggle in the Display options that allows you to choose […]

Apple Music now support lossless sound

It has been rumored for a long time but now it is clear that Apple Music gets support for high definition audio or lossless audio. The support for high-resolution sound will be on 75 million songs, which is really nice, so it will not be on a small part of the catalog. The codec you […]

Apple releases new version of the pride bracelet for Apple Watch

Apple has a nice tradition where every year they release a new bracelet for the Apple Watch to celebrate that it is Pride. This year’s version is in their new woven style and really nice. They have simply used the colors in the pride flag and woven their own interpretation of it. For that, they […]

Rumor: Blurred images show Samsung’s new foldable phones

Samsung is expected to release new foldable devices later this year. According to rumors, the company will present Fold 3 and Flip 2 during an event this summer and since summer is just around the corner, it won’t be long before we find out what the launch situation looks like. Until then, we have to […]

Townew T1 Smart Trash Can Quick Look: Auto seals your trash!

No, wait a minute. This smart trash can will not magically carry your garbage out for you, or pack your rubbish into a small cube that you can carry out in the palm of your hand. What the Townew T1 Smart Trash Can will do however, is that it’ll open the lid automatically every time […]

You can drill holes in your AirTags

As you probably know, Apple didn’t include a small hole in its AirTags so they would be easy to just attach to their keychain. Instead, the idea is to buy a special holder for them, which is a bit more tedious (and expensive). But when the people from iFixit disassembled the device, they noticed that […]

Engadget takes a look at the Razer Anzu

Razer introduced Anzu last month and Engadget has had to spend some quality time with the devices to see if there is anything to have. To make a long story short, it seems like a perfectly okay pair of audio glasses, but that bar is really quite low. The headphones seem to have a tricky […]

Wireless CarPlay Dongle Review: Carplay as it’s meant to be

As you know Apple Carplay is the most common way to allow users to have their media and favorite apps from their iPhones visible in their cars infotainment systems. You might think that a wireless solution for this is standard in 2021? No, very few cars still support wireless Apple Carplay. With the Re-stream C2A […]