Earlier today, DJI presented the new Mavic 3 series, which consists of Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Cine. One of the biggest news is a properly upgraded flight time which is now 46 minutes, up from around 30 minutes. In addition to this, the drones will be equipped with DJI’s own transmission technology OcuSync 3+ which will ensure that contact between drones and control works for up to 15 km with 1080p / 60fps power to the user. The drones also come with improved obstacle detection and should be able to see various obstacles from a distance of 200 meters, up from 20 meters.

Both versions can be pre-booked now and at the time of writing, the Mavic 3 will start shipping on November 12, while the Cine version will start shipping on November 16. Mavic 3 costs 2 169 € and Cine costs 4 999 €.

Source: The Verge