Are you eager to throw yourself into Night City again? Then I have good news as the second major update that the developers promised to fix the game further seems to be coming. CD Projekt RED has delivered a slightly strange blog post where they via news reports from Night City tell about some of the improvements that will be released with the upcoming Patch 1.2.

Some of the changes that are in progress include less aggressive police officers who will no longer spawn behind the player as soon as you do something illegal. In addition to this, PC players will have a little better control over vehicles by having access to a control for the steering sensitivity and that players will be able to turn off dodge activation when you click the direction button twice.

All changes that CDPR talks about can be found via the link below.

Something we do not get to know is when the 1.2 patch will be released, but hopefully it will be soon.

Source: Cyberpunk 2077 blog