Sennheiser launches ‘CX True Wireless’ earbuds

In just over a week, Sennheiser will release CX True Wireless headphones that they themselves claim deliver superior sound without compromise. The headphones use a tailor-made acoustic system that will deliver a high-quality stereo sound with deep bass, natural midrange and clear treble. The headphones have support for Bluetooth 5.2 and support for SBC, AAC […]

Leaked pictures show Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Later today, Samsung will show off some new devices and one of the news will be a brand new watch called Watch 4. As usual, some pictures and information about the news have been leaked and give us a good picture of how the new watch will look out. As you can see in the […]

Roccat Kone Pro Review: Gaming Gone Gorgeous

My Steelseries Rival 650 is literary falling apart. Therefore, it came as a pleasant surprise that Roccat expands its series of gaming mice with the Kone Pro and Kone Pro Air. The two are similar enough that this review will cover both; more on that later. The big differences being that the Air is wireless […]

Tamagotchi is back! Combines virtual animals with a smartwatch

If you were a child in the 90’s or earlier, you probably remember the popular Tamagotchi. We are talking about small virtual pets that you constantly had to take care of so that they would not suffer a very sad pixel death. And it was a real job, because the little egg-shaped games could not […]

New commercial for Super Mario (Luigi)-Lego

On August 1, Lego will release a few new kits in the Super Mario series and this time it’s time to say hello to Mario’s brother Luigi. With the new Luigi kits, it will be possible to “play” with the two characters at the same time on the different courses you have built. Watch the […]

Turtle Beach releases flight control for Xbox Series S/X and PC

VelocityOne Flight is the name of Turtle Beach’s new control for flight simulators. It is officially licensed and has a 180 ° yoke control with a rudder control and “modular throttle quadrant”. We can also look forward to a lever handle that can be adjusted for realism regardless of whether you are flying a light […]

Rumor: ‘Playstation VR 2’ will be released for Christmas sales 2022

Sony announced the Playstation VR 2 already in February this year, although they did not give us any real details other than that it will of course surpass its predecessor in every way and also have new controllers. They did not have a more accurate launch window than 2022 to offer, but thanks to a […]

Razer Orochi v2 Review: A small success

Don’t be fooled by its small size. This tiny temptress could be for long gaming sessions. The Razer Orochi v2 is a small mouse who’s targeted at laptop gamers and its overall shape, tapered at the front and rear, lets it slip easily into any backpack pocket. It’s also the most low-profile gaming mouse the […]

Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2021 in 9 Minutes!

As always, someone has done the community service to sum up the entire Apple event (WWDC 21) in just a few minutes. So if you simply do not have the time to sit through the whole event, you can watch the video from MacRumors down below to get a quick update on what was presented.