ackbone, a gaming and streaming platform that powers mobile devices, is excited to announce that its services and products are now available in Sweden. This news marks another significant milestone for the company, which includes the launch of its first product in 2021, the Backbone One controller and iOS app, key strategic partnerships with PlayStation, Xbox, and Discord, becoming the best-selling product in its category on Amazon, and recently launching the Backbone One controller and Android app.

Backbone has created an exceptional ecosystem where almost all gaming content and services are available in one place – your phone. Founded by 24-year-old Maneet Khaira while working on games at Google, Backbone’s software and devices make cloud-based gaming and streaming easy and fun. Players simply connect their phone to the Backbone One and can immediately play major mobile titles in the App Store and Apple Arcade; stream games through cloud-based gaming services like Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia Geforce Now, and play their Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Steam games anywhere through Remote Play.

“Backbone was founded with a single, true goal: to elevate the gaming experience for everyone, everywhere,” says Backbone founder and CEO Maneet Khaira. “Just as Sonos and Roku have done for music and TV streaming, Backbone brings together all gaming services and experiences on mobile devices.”

The Backbone One controller is available for purchase for 1,499 SEK via and For new subscribers, each purchase of the Backbone One includes a free trial subscription to Backbone+ and several additional benefits, such as one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. To learn more about Backbone, visit their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok accounts or their website:

Key Features of the Backbone One:

● Play any game that supports controllers
● Foldable and compact design
● Low latency connection
● 3.5mm headphone jack
● Pass-through charging
● Backbone One app for iOS and Android
● Record gameplay clips and screenshots

Source: Press Release