HHOGene’s GPods integrate advanced digital LED light control technology, enabling users to effortlessly switch between various light brightness levels, rhythmic patterns, and vibrant colors using a single button. This feature not only enhances personalization but also sets a new standard in visual appeal. Additionally, HHOGene claims the Gpods will deliver reliable performance for wireless listening, fulfilling everyday audio requirements. But is it only a gimmick or are the Gpods a true competitor to the audio gigants out there? Let’s find out.


The HHOGene GPods charging case has wavy lines on the top, resembling waves. There is a groove on the cover with an indicator light underneath it. The back of the case has a connecting shaft and a Type-C charging port.

The earbuds have a slim design that fits in your ears. The stem of the earbuds has clips on the top and bottom to secure the interchangeable shells. The groove on the side of the stem is where you can control the earbuds with touch. Inside the earbuds, there is a sensor that detects when you’re wearing them, as well as charging contacts and markings for the left and right sides.

Experience a Radiant Glow on Your Nighttime Runs with the HHOGene GPods! (Image credit: HHOGene.com)

The GPods earbuds and case have an overall weight of approximately 55g. Due to the design of the charging case, it can technically fit into the pocket of jeans, but it is not recommended to do so since it will be very bulky. On the other hand, each individual earbud weighs around 6g, which is relatively light (AirPods weighs 4g and Sony’s wf-1000xm4 weighs 7,5g). And considering the unique design of the earbuds, the weight can be considered well-managed.


The GPods utilize Bluetooth 5.2 technology, providing excellent compatibility, a stable connection, fast transmission speed, and low power consumption when paired both to an Android device and iPhone. When initially connecting, simply select “HHOGene GPods” from your phone’s Bluetooth device list for a quick connection. For subsequent use, opening the charging case will automatically connect to the previously paired Bluetooth device.

The earbuds should maintain a stable connection with the mobile phone within a range of about 10 meters.

Software (App)

The earbuds has it’s own application for Android/iOS, which becomes a significant part of the user experience when using GPods. The APP provides various functionalities that enhance the enjoyment of the earbuds. Upon opening the APP, you will find the connection status and remaining power displayed at the top of the home page. In the middle section, the earbuds’ lighting effects are showcased in real-time synchronization.

Below the first column, you can quickly switch between different color themes. The second column controls the light effects and offers four modes: two-way, one-way, constant light, and breathing. Furthermore, you can adjust the brightness of the lights. The third column is dedicated to noise reduction mode settings, and the fourth column provides a preview interface for the earbud shells.

During the process of setting the light effects, the APP interface accurately displays the actual effect on the earbuds. The earbuds respond swiftly when switching modes, ensuring real-time synchronization of the displayed effects.

Enhance Your GPods Experience with the Dedicated Android/iOS App (Image credit: HHOGene)

Within the additional options available in the APP, you can customize touch operations and update the firmware. Currently, there are more than 40 theme colors to choose from, and more theme colors will be continuously added through future updates.

The APP’s standout feature however, is its ability to create custom colors. Utilizing an integrated AI algorithm, the APP can detect colors from photos and albums, converting the pixel colors into light projections through the earbud shells, resulting in a personalized and dynamic lighting experience, that’s actually really fun to tinker with.

Sound Quality & Features

Now let’s talk about the sound quality, as apparently people seem to care about that as well. The Gpods feature a built-in 10mm dynamic driver, ensuring a satisfying audio experience. Additionally, GPods supports AAC audio decoding, allowing for the retention of more sound details while listening to audio.

During my test period with the GPods, I randomly selected some popular music tracks for trial listening and the earbuds exhibited a pleasing sense of clarity, with well-balanced frequencies and a natural, enduring tuning. In short: these earbuds are more than capable of meeting the demands of everyday listening to music and making phone calls.

It’s also worth mentioning that they are equipped with active noise cancellation (ANC) and the official claims state that the maximum noise cancellation depth can reach 25dB. But while the ANC is noticeable, it may not fully meet expectations. Users can discern a difference when turning on ANC, but it falls short of being truly satisfying. Another drawback to consider is the presence of background noise. At certain low volumes, faint white noise resembling current pulses can be heard.

So for individuals who prioritize ANC capabilities in their earbuds, it’s worth noting that there may be more suitable options available in the market.

Additionally, the GPods have an IPX4 waterproof rating, making them suitable for training activities. So for nighttime runs, the captivating colorful lights on the earbuds will add an extra touch of appeal AND not to mention safty at some degree.


With its LED features, battery life of course becomes a natural concern. The GPods earbuds offer a generous single battery life of up to 5 hours, while the charging case provides an additional 15 hours of battery life. Combined, you can enjoy an pretty impressive total battery life of up to 20 hours.


In conclusion, these earbuds stand out as an impressive offering in the market. While there have been numerous true wireless earbuds released in recent years, it’s uncommon to find a product that combines innovative design, reasonable pricing (currently on sale at $112 USD), and good sound quality. The GPods successfully achieve this balance, making them a noteworthy choice for consumers. If you’re in search of earphones that truly reflect your unique personality, HHOGene GPods definitely deserve your attention as a compelling option to consider.