Satechi unveils two new battery chargers

Accessory manufacturer Satechi has developed two new battery chargers that are designed to charge both wired and wireless stuff. Above you can see the Satechi Dock5 that lets you charge two devices via USB-C, two devices via USB-A and one device via wireless qi charging. This means that you could, for example, charge two iPhones, […]

Courant Catch 3 Quick Look: Luxury charging!

Never before has something as common as a charger been the subject of discussion in my home. Until now. Because even though Courant’s Catch: 3 charger is a regular charger, it makes charging an unusually luxurious experience. When it comes to wireless charging, no one does it better or more aesthetically than Courant. They’re a […]

MagSafe charging on iPhone 12 mini limited to 12W

A support document on Apple’s website states that MagSafe charging on Apple’s upcoming model iPhone 12 mini is limited to a maximum of 12W, something that differs from the other models in the iPhone 12 series that can be charged with up to 15W via the MagSafe connector . However, it is not clear why […]

A luxary delivery from Courant

When it comes to wireless charging, no one does it better aesthetically than Courant. They’re a company solely dedicated to beautifully-made and powerful wireless charging devices. They’ve been kind enough to send me a few products that I will use for a while and then write about here on techcravers. Much appreciated!

Xiaomi is working on wireless charging with 80W

Waiting for its phone to be fully charged is not exactly 2020. It should be fast and Xiaomi is at the forefront when it comes to charging technology and presented earlier this year the Mi 10 Ultra which can be charged with a 120W charger. However, this only with cable, but the company has now […]

Belkin Boost Charge 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Review: Apple fans look no further!

Plenty of people will simply stick to the chargers that comes in the box with their phone and / or other rechargeable accessories. However, with Apple potentially leaving the charger out of the iPhone 12 box (as they did with the new series of Apple Watches), there’s likely to be a bigger market for alternatives. […]

Belkin show us their MagSafe stuff for iPhone 12

When Apple presented the new iPhone 12 models the other day, they also introduced a new version of their so-called MagSafe. In the case of the iPhone, MagSafe is about the phones being equipped with magnets that allow them to attach stably to a wireless charger equipped with magnets or something else magnetic. Accessory maker […]

Logitech releases wireless charging station for Apple gadgets

For all of you who are still grieving that Apple never released its wireless battery charger Airpower, Logitech is now releasing a similar battery charger that may work just as well. With the Logitech Powered 3-in-1 Dock, it will be possible to wirelessly charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch and a pair of AirPods (or […]