Samsung, the world’s largest TV manufacturer, took nearly a decade before finally releasing their first fully-fledged OLED TV last year, named QD-OLED. While it was a commendable display, many critics believed that LG C2 outshone it in nearly every aspect. Interestingly, it seems that Samsung now agrees with this sentiment. According to sources, the company has recently inked a deal to purchase ten million OLED panels from their biggest rival and competitor, LG. The purpose of this agreement is to integrate LG Display technology into Samsung TVs over the next three years.

Initially, the focus of this collaboration will be on 77-inch and 83-inch panels. The deal is set to take effect immediately, with panel deliveries slated to commence in 12 months’ time. This strategic move represents a notable shift in Samsung’s approach as they aim to elevate the quality and performance of their TVs by leveraging LG’s expertise and technology. By incorporating LG’s OLED panels, Samsung seeks to enhance the viewing experience for their customers and maintain their competitiveness in the cutthroat TV market.

Source: Reuters