Nintendo’s own guru Shigeru Miyamoto celebrated his 70th birthday yesterday at the company he has worked for for more than 45 years and where he began his career in 1977. His first success came as most of us know with Donkey Kong a few years later and the rest is as they usually say, history. His impact on the medium at large is impossible to deny and with game franchises such as Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong and Starfox to his name, he has impacted the lives of hundreds of millions of people for the better.

In an interview a few years ago, Miyamoto shared how he no longer felt anxiety or pressure about his legacy and letting younger talent take over. Instead, he wants to focus his last years at Nintendo on trying new things.

“As the company has gained new competitors over the years, it’s given us an opportunity to think deeply about what makes Nintendo Nintendo,”

Only he knows exactly how long he plans to stay with Nintendo, but we can only hope it will be a few more years before that happens.

Source: NintendoLife