It’s not often I review office accessories or, in this case, my small studio equipment that I use for my daily YouTube content creation and review work. But today, we’re going to take a look at an overhead camera mount from Arkon Mounts.

I’ve used a bunch of camera mounts before, ranging from 100 SEK (approximately $10) cheap arms from AliExpress to more expensive 500 SEK (around $50) arms from platforms like Amazon. However, I’ve never used a camera arm from a reputable company in the price range of 1500 SEK (roughly $150) and above. So, with this review, I aim to determine how worthwhile the investment is in paying a little extra for a camera mount from Arkon.

The mounting arm (I chose the desk variant with a clamp stand) arrives neatly packaged in a box that doesn’t make too much fuss. The packaging is also relatively compact. In addition to the arm itself, there are extra accessories in the package to securely mount not only a DSLR camera but also a mobile phone or a tablet.

There is also a short manual included with instructions on how to use the mounting arm, but the process of setting up the arm is extremely straightforward. I had no issues whatsoever when it came to replacing parts and adjusting the arm to suit my needs.

Simply put, this overhead mount functions as an upright arm that then transitions into a 90-degree angled arm with a mount at the end where you can screw in your camera (or replace it with the phone/tablet attachment I mentioned earlier). Both the arm that runs upwards and the arm where you attach your camera can be easily raised and extended (telescopically) by loosening the handles and adjusting the arms to the position we desire. And once we’ve achieved the desired position for the arm, we can secure it by closing the handles.

By loosening a knob located right at the hinge point of the arm, we can also quickly and easily adjust the arm’s height in this manner, rather than adjusting the height through the upright arm.

All the adjustments work very smoothly, and it’s extremely easy to position the camera as desired. In the past, the mount arms I’ve worked with have consisted of wholly or partially subpar components that have broken or functioned poorly. Arkon Mounts’ desk clamp arm may be considerably more expensive, but it’s undoubtedly the best solution I’ve had for an overhead camera in my studio. The arm exudes quality, and not a single part feels like it’s going to break any time soon.

In addition to being easy to adjust and position, the arm is also extremely sturdy. I have a small camera myself, but this arm can undoubtedly handle heavier equipment as well.

If I were to mention a drawback of this arm, it would be that it doesn’t come with any form of quick-release mechanism for when you want to switch between your DSLR camera and your phone. I would have preferred a faster and more convenient way to change the mounting, rather than having to unscrew the mount every time. This can be especially inconvenient if, like me, you always have your camera connected via a cable to an accessory like a microphone or perhaps a power bank. But that’s the only drawback I can think of.


This mount arm from Arkon Mounts is a top-tier premium product, and I genuinely believe it’s worth its current price of $170. It’s an absolute must-have for photographers, filmmakers, and creators who work extensively with overhead photography.

So, if you’re in search of a camera arm for overhead photography that can tackle any challenges it’s presented with, you’ve found it. Discard your cheaper alternatives and do yourself a favor by purchasing the Arkon Mounts clamp base stand. You can thank me later.

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