It has been over a year since credible rumors first surfaced about Sony’s plans to release what some dubbed the “PlayStation 5 Slim” in 2023. The prolonged silence may have left some doubting the validity of these reports. However, the wait is over, as Sony has officially unveiled the new console.

Confirming earlier speculations, Sony has announced that both the standard PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will undergo a slimming transformation, commencing in November (initially in the USA, with a gradual global rollout). Notably, these redesigned models will not be labeled as the “PS5 Slim” or any similar moniker. Instead, they will simply replace the existing versions. These new editions are approximately 30% smaller and have seen their weight reduced by 18% and 24%, respectively.

That’s not all. For those who own the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, Sony has confirmed that an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive can be purchased separately for €119.99 by replacing one of the console’s panels. A visual representation of this modification is available below.

Addressing a common concern among consumers regarding potential differences in performance, Sony asserts that there are no such distinctions. The changes are purely cosmetic. The version with the disc drive will be priced at €549.99 (approximately 6,400 kronor, although local taxes may affect the final cost), while the digital-only model will retail at €449.99 (around 5,200 kronor).

Source: Playstation Blog