Razer sent me their Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse for test and I must say that holding it for the first time, it’s difficult to comprehend how such performance can be so featherlight. But one of the biggest selling points can also be a disadvantage for anyone who is not looking for a mouse that is barely felt in the hand.

Design and features

An unassuming aesthetic and slimline profile make the Viper Ultimate sit perfectly on any desk… or at least it could. I was sent the Quartz Pink version however, wich draws the attention from any eyes passing my desk. I’m glad that Razer is offering this eye-catching color but it’s not a color I personally would pick if I was to buy a new mouse.

But apart from the color, there’s no glaring LEDs poking out of every corner, just a simple matte finish over the illuminated Razer symbol near the back of the mouse (wich is the only RGB lighting zone) making the Viper Ultimate a more subdued product in the bling department. Actually no, there’s a led on the included charging dock as well which let you know the battery status of your mouse.

The Viper Ultimate has a compartment on the bottom of the mouse that houses the USB Type-A dongle for connecting to your PC. 

The Viper Ultimate is not only super lightweight, weighting only 74 grams, it’s overall small and a mere 37.8 mm tall. This short stature can create problems for gamers with larger hands who prefer a palm grip. With little to cling to, the ring and pinky fingers naturally rest in a position that make accidentally clicks far too easy. The Viper Ultimate is therefore much better-suited for users with smaller hands who prefer using a claw grip.

The Viper Ultimate attaches quickly and easily via magnets, to the included docking station.


The Razer Viper Ultimate may be light and sleek but it’s certainly not lacking in sheer power. It actually performed on par with wired gaming mice during my tests. Input lag was practically non-existent – movement and clicks translated to onscreen action with no discernible delay.

The Viper Ultimate uses Razer’s proprietary HyperSpeed Wireless technology amplified by its new Adaptive Frequency Technology. According to Razer, the new feature is meant to provide lag-free connectivity by scanning frequency channels for interference every millisecond in order to detect frequencies to avoid and switch to the fastest channel instantly.


The Viper Ultimate is an exemplary wireless mouse that excels in responsiveness, visual appeal, build quality, and battery power. It may not be for everyone though, as the small form factor might be uncomfortable for larger hands.


  • Great performance
  • Charging dock included
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Can be uncomfortable depending on your preferences

Razer Viper Ultimate Specs

Sensor TypeRazer Focus+ Optical
SensitivityUp to 20,000 CPI
Polling Rates1,000 Hz
Programmable Buttons8
LED Zones1 RGB zone
Cable Length6 feet / 1.8m
Dimensions4.99 x 2.27 x 1.49 inches (126.73 x 57.60 x 37.81mm)
Weight2.56 ounces / 74g