The amount of leaks emerging from the FTC negotiations regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is staggering. Now there are also documents providing insight into what we can expect in the long term, including the next Xbox console. According to one of the internal documents now fully visible, we can anticipate the successor to the Xbox Series S/X in 2028. This means that the Xbox Series S/X will have an eight-year run in the market before being replaced.

This aligns with the Xbox 360, which also had an eight-year lifespan (2005-2013) before being succeeded, but it’s slightly longer than the Xbox One, which had a seven-year lifespan (2013-2020) before the launch of the Xbox Series S/X.

Moreover, the next Xbox appears to be accompanied by a portable device of some kind, as Microsoft specifically mentions affordable ($99) handheld devices.

Source: The Verge