A week ago, in a Bloomberg interview with Xbox head Phil Spencer, there was uncertainty surrounding whether The Elder Scrolls VI would follow in the footsteps of Starfield as an exclusive title for PC and Xbox.

Now, a new document has surfaced in the FTC v. Microsoft lawsuit, pertaining to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Microsoft has outlined its future plans in this document, which, as per reports from The Verge, appears to be intended solely for internal use. The document leaves no room for ambiguity; there will be no PlayStation version of The Elder Scrolls VI. Instead, it confirms that PC and Xbox are the exclusive platforms under consideration.

Another intriguing detail is that despite efforts by Xbox and Bethesda representatives to downplay the game’s development progress and claim it is still a long way off, indications suggest it might actually see a release as early as 2026. Although it does include a “or later” caveat, the 2026 mention must be grounded in some estimation of when it could theoretically be completed.

Source: The Verge