The Nintendo Switch has almost reached its sixth anniversary, and it is currently the second best-selling console of all time, behind only the Playstation 2. With over 120 million units sold worldwide, it is on par with the Playstation 4. Nintendo’s goal for 2023 is to sell an additional 20 million units. However, the Switch’s hardware is outdated and struggles to keep up with current software, resulting in limitations in graphics, quality, and performance. A new generation of consoles may be on the horizon.

Today, the reputable Japanese site Nikkei (via Reddit) has reported that Nintendo is in discussions with component suppliers to begin manufacturing the successor to the Switch, which is expected to be released in mid-2024. Nintendo has not yet confirmed this claim, but it aligns with recent rumors. It is currently unknown if Nvidia will continue to supply the components for the new console. If the successor is released in just over a year, it would likely make “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” the last major Nintendo title for the current Switch model, based on current announcements.

Source: Reddit