Nintendo offered a really cool Pokemon Presents earlier today, and as expected, we got a lot of new details about the remake versions of Diamond and Pearl as well as the upcoming open world game Pokémon Arceus. The presentation this time focused on the many ways in which these remakes differ from the originals.

In the presentation, we were told that secret bases would make a comeback in the Grand Underground. Here you can customize your own space with statues of Pokémon and placing them actually has an impact on the game in areas called Pokémon Hideaways. Hideaways are brand new areas where you can meet wandering Pokémon and the creatures you will encounter here will vary depending on the statues you have placed in your Secret Base.

In addition, it was revealed that players can now customize the look of their coaches by buying new clothes in stores in the Sinnoh region. Another new customization feature is Pokéball stickers. The stickers you have attached to your Pokéball change the visual effects that appear when you send out a creature during battle.

Watch the event below.