After a decade of development, players can now immerse themselves in Blizzard’s massive online role-playing game through virtual reality (VR). Thanks to a new unofficial mod created by the duo Streetrat & Marculu from the Flat2VR group, World of Warcraft’s vast world is now accessible for those looking to enhance immersion and blur the boundaries between the player and the game.

However, this mod comes with its limitations. Currently, it can only be run with patch 3.3.5a (the last one released for Wrath of the Lich King). The creators stated on their website that there are currently no plans for further development of the project.

The VR mode can be played in both first and third person perspectives, allowing players to truly gaze upon Azeroth’s landscapes through their character’s eyes. Additionally, the mod supports motion controllers and a VR-adapted user interface.

If this sounds appealing to you, we suggest heading over to their website to learn more and download the package for your own use.