Fans of The Wolf Among Us have had a tumultuous journey for nearly six years, and it seems that the ride is not over yet. The sequel, The Wolf Among Us 2, was initially announced in 2017, but it vanished when Telltale closed its doors a year later. The project was later revived by the “new” Telltale after another year, but fans were disappointed by a series of broken promises regarding its release date. In February 2022, the studio announced that the game would finally arrive in 2023, only to break the news of another delay recently.

Telltale has taken to Twitter to announce that The Wolf Among Us 2 will not meet its 2023 release date, as the team requires more time to deliver a sequel that is worthy of fans’ expectations while ensuring the well-being of their team. No new release date has been provided, leaving fans in anticipation once again.