The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remains a popular game for two main reasons; first, it is a brilliantly designed game, and second, it is still the latest installment in the series, despite being released in 2011.

When this classic RPG was first released, few of us could have imagined the possibility of allowing an AI to create an infinite number of quests for us. Today, few things are hotter than AI, and ChatGPT is probably the most well-known AI language model. It can instantly help you with anything from finding the best recipes for peanut butter cookies to doing your homework and writing exciting movie scripts.

Youtuber Joov realized that the latter could be a perfect fit for a role-playing game and decided to incorporate ChatGPT into Skyrim. At first, this mostly led to boring fetch quests, but after some adjustments, Joov suddenly had an endless stream of new content.

You can check out the result below. Perhaps this is a hint of the future where your game may not necessarily have the same content as your friends, but where an AI tailors the adventure to you. It also opens up the possibility for games that never run out of content because there will always be new quests to play.

By the way, just so you know, this article was actually written by ChatGPT.