Swappie, a company specializing in mobile phone recycling, made waves last autumn by introducing its first AI-driven kiosks, allowing individuals to sell their used phones. Now, the company has announced a collaboration with the retail chain Lidl to install kiosks in their stores. The initial rollout will include locations at Lidl √Ėstermalmstorg in Stockholm and Lidl Femman in Nordstan, Gothenburg.

In a press release, Max Hasselblatt, Swappie’s expansion manager, stated, “We aim to make mobile phone recycling as natural as recycling cans. Many people are surprised by the value of their old iPhones. Our goal is to pay out 50 million SEK to Swedish mobile phone recyclers annually.”

The AI-driven recycling kiosks analyze and assess the value of the mobile phone based on factors such as model, age, and condition. After inspection and evaluation, the seller receives a valuation and a binding price offer. If the seller chooses to sell, the kiosk retains the phone, and the funds are deposited into the seller’s account within 1-3 banking days.

This partnership between Swappie and Lidl signifies a significant step towards promoting sustainability and responsible recycling practices within the community. It aims to make the process of recycling old mobile phones both convenient and rewarding for consumers, contributing to a cleaner environment and a circular economy.

Source: Finanstid