In a surprising turn of events following the perceived failure of the PlayStation Vita, Sony seems to be gearing up for another venture into the portable gaming market. Despite the colossal setback experienced with the PlayStation Vita, recent persistent rumors suggest that Sony might be working on a new handheld gaming console.

Insider Moore’s Law Is Dead (MLID) claims that an internal project at Sony is currently in the works, featuring a custom AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). According to MLID, the project is in the high-level design phase and is expected to be at least two years away from completion. Importantly, it has not yet received the official green light for launch.

“Currently in the high-level design phase, at least two years out, and technically not greenlit for launch yet,” stated MLID.

Intriguingly, developers consulted on the project have revealed that the new handheld console is designed to offer native backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 games. This feature is likely to attract attention from gamers who already own titles for Sony’s previous console generation. As the project remains in its early stages, further details about the specifications, design, and potential release date are eagerly awaited by gaming enthusiasts.

Source: Insider-Gaming