It can be frustrating when you’re unable to chat with friends who are using different platforms. But with the latest firmware update for the Playstation 5, gamers can now enjoy real Discord support. This update, which is a quite hefty 1.1GB download, brings a host of new features and improvements to the console.

In addition to adding Discord functionality, the update includes support for VRR (variable refresh rate) for 1440p displays. This should help to reduce image stuttering and provide a smoother gaming experience. The update also expands game hubs with additional information, including the number of hours spent on a game, overall progress percentage, and the Friends Who Play section, where you can see which friends also own a particular game.

One exciting new feature is the ability to use voice commands to save videos of your gameplay. This feature is currently only available in the UK and US, but it could be a sign of things to come for gamers in other regions.

Overall, the firmware update offers a significant upgrade to the Playstation 5 console, enhancing both the gaming experience and the social aspect of gaming. With Discord support now available, gamers can easily connect and communicate with friends across platforms, opening up a whole new world of multiplayer possibilities.

Source: The Verge