Now you can watch Netflix on Nest Hub

Starting today, it’ll be able to watch Netflix via Google’s smart home assistants Nest Nub and Nest Hub Max.

This means that you can connect your Netflix account to Google Assistant and then just say “Hello Google, open Netflix” and then choose what you want to watch via Nest Hub’s touch screen interface. On the camera-equipped Nest Hub Max, you should also be able to pause what is displayed on the screen by looking at it and holding up your hand. However, that doesnt work on the slightly smaller Nest Hub that does not have a built-in camera.

Whether anyone will be interested in watching Netflix on the 7 and 10 inch screens available in the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, respectively, remains to be seen. Support for Netflix on the two smart home assistants is starting to roll out globally today, but when it will be fully rolled out, there is no information about.

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