Do you remember the Samsung S20 Ultra that was released this spring and received some criticism for its massive camera bump that protruded a quarter of an inch and whose glass was more susceptible to damage? Well, I do and had hoped that Samsung would go another way with their upcoming devices, but Samsung still seems to think it is nice and useful, or something. In a newly leaked video we get to see an actual individual showing off the new Note 20 Ultra and the differences between Note 20 and its predecessor Note 10.

To make a short story even shorter, Samsung has changed the location of the S-Pen hole and the speaker at the bottom, but the same S-Pen is still used, also the S-Pen will act as a stylus. The camera bump on the back was, as I said, big on the S20 Ultra, but the bump on the Note 20 Ultra should be even bigger, which is pretty sad news.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will most likely be unveiled on August 5th.