Last week, Apple released its smallest model yet – the iPhone 12 mini and true to its habit, the repair site iFixit has disassembled it to check what the inside of it looks like.

Inside the iPhone mini is found, among other things, a battery of 8.57Wh, which is a little smaller than the 10.78Wh battery that is in the standard version of the iPhone 12, but a little larger than the battery of 6.96Wh that is in the iPhone SE. In addition, the so-called “Taptic Enginge”, the vibration motor in the iPhone, is 25 percent smaller than the model of the Taptic Engine that sits in the iPhone 12.

iFixit likes that it is relatively easy to replace both battery and screen in iPhone 12 mini. As with the other iPhone 12 models, the back of the phone in glass gets criticism as users may have to replace the entire phone’s chassis if it cracks. In total, the iPhone mini gets a repair rating of 6 on the iFixit 10-point scale, the same rating as most of Apple’s latest iPhone models received.