Google Stadia was launched in November 2019 and has since proven to be a very competent gaming platform. Although interest has been weak compared to the giants Playstation and Xbox, the service really showed muscle at the end of last year. This is thanks to the release of Cyberpunk 2077 which gave players the most consistent and stable gaming experience compared to how the game rolled on other platforms. However, something Stadia users have been waiting for since launch is some massive title from Google’s internal Stadia studio that really shows what the system is all about. But now it is clear that we’ll never see anything like that.

Google has announced that their own Stadia studio will be closed down completely and behind the decision is that it simply costs too much money to develop games. Stadia Games and Entertainment will be disbanded and the 150+ employees will get new positions within the company, while some, such as deputy manager Jade Raymond, will Google.

Google will now shift its focus slightly and will instead work to provide their partners with a stable gaming platform and streaming technology. Stadia manager Phil Harrison says this about the future:

“We’re committed to the future of cloud gaming, and will continue to do our part to drive this industry forward. Our goal remains focused on creating the best possible platform for gamers and technology for our partners, bringing these experiences to life for people everywhere.”

Source: Engadget