Sony has just announced a major update to the Playstation 5 which will be released tomorrow. With it comes several new features, where the ability to save your games on an external hard drive is the draw. That way, you can save time by moving games back and forth between your external hard drive, which is much faster than downloading from PSN, thus gaining more storage space. However, you must download your games directly to the internal hard drive before transferring them.

It works similarly to the Xbox Series S / X, which also means you can’t play PS5 titles directly from the external hard drive because these games are adapted for fast SSDs.

Other news is that you can now set automatic images / video when you unlock trophies so they are only used for higher levels, more powerful tools for searching your game library have been added as well as the function to be able to turn off other players’ voices (and individually control their volume if someone is talking too loud / low).

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