Each time Sony announces an event, anticipation builds around what Bluepoint Games might reveal next. The studio, which Sony acquired in 2021, has garnered a reputation for its meticulously crafted remakes.

Fans have been vocal about their desire for remakes of classic games such as “Killzone,” “Resistance,” or “Bloodborne.” However, upon their acquisition, Bluepoint revealed they were working on something entirely new. Recently, Peter Dalton, Bluepoint’s Head of Technology, reiterated this via X, stating, “nothing has changed since our statement that we are working on an original title.”

This confirms that fans should not expect a spectacular remake from Bluepoint’s next release. Considering their latest title, “Demon’s Souls,” was launched four years ago, the anticipation for their new project is high. While the gaming community eagerly awaits what Bluepoint has in store, it’s clear that it will be an original venture rather than a revisit to past classics.