The world is ever on the lookout for ways to create energy-efficient eco-friendly solutions to everyday problems and the Volkswagen Electric Microbus is a prime example of just that. 

This is a reincarnation of a memorable icon from the past, only a much better version of its 1950s iconic predecessor.

The battery pack will offer a capacity of about 270 miles when fully charged and about 369 horsepower on a four-wheel drive system.

The microbus expected to hit dealerships in 2022 will be operating between level-2 and level-3 autonomy using the Tesla Autopilot that will perform most of the driving functions for its user but will still require some level of input now and then.

There will be both a minibus and a cargo version available working under the same general concept to offer top speeds of 99mph and an acceleration rate of 0-60mph in 5 seconds.