Turtle Beach’s VelocityOne Flight Simulation Control System has become one of the brand’s most pre-ordered products ever. The VelocityOne Flight had over 21,000 fans signed-up and awaiting word on when the new flight simulation controller would be available to reserve, and after going live for pre-order last week, the highly sought-after controller sold out quickly. The supply sold out in under 15 minutes.

VelocityOne Flight offers intuitive and realistic controls and equips users across all experience levels with an all-inclusive system to experience the thrill of flight. A true-to-life 180° yoke handle with built-in rudder controls at your fingertips provide precise control of any aircraft. The included modular throttle quadrant with integrated trim wheel, both lever and vernier controls, and swappable lever handles offers at-home aviators enhanced customization and a realistic flight experience for both light and heavy aircraft. A simple USB connection offers users an easy setup process whether playing on an Xbox console or Windows 10.