Nissan is now showing a slightly different version of the Leaf model. This is called Nissan Re-Leaf and it is a rescue vehicle that comes with power if there is a shortage of it. If an accident has occurred and you quickly need power on the spot to drive different things, this car should be able to come and fix it.

The charging socket in the car can also supply power here and around the car there are three more sockets that provide 240 volts. The car’s battery pack is 62 kWh and it should be enough to be able to run external LED headlights of 100 watts, a drill, a fan and a ventilation fan for 24 hours at the same time. Re-Leaf has also been raised, got hasp plates front and rear and rough terrain tires to be able to get around in miserable places. The inside has got a work table, screens in the tailgate and various other good-to-have gadgets. They have also thrown out the back seat to be able to load more stuff there instead.