Elon Musk have been asked on twitter about the upcoming Cybertruck as it has been quiet around the car for a while. Elon responded to some of these questions and announced, among other things, that it will be able to float on the water. It was when a person asked what depth of car the car will have that he was told that it could even float, at least for a while. However, we do not know exactly what this means.

In addition, we find out that Cybertruck will have a brand new air suspension system that would not be ashamed of a Baja competition. This means that you will be able to raise and lower the car considerably and that the ride will be comfortable on uneven ground.

Another thing about the car is that it has no varnish, and will not get either. The body panels are in stainless steel and if you want some color you can get the car foiled or decorated with pattern, but no paint color. The car’s design will also change slightly, among other things, it will be a little narrower and have the laser extra light at the top as standard.