If you were a child in the 90’s or earlier, you probably remember the popular Tamagotchi. We are talking about small virtual pets that you constantly had to take care of so that they would not suffer a very sad pixel death. And it was a real job, because the little egg-shaped games could not be turned off, without your data disappearing. Thus, you had to be constantly vigilant to keep the creatures alive.

Now, Bandai Namco has a new product ready (so far only in Japan). This time they are investing in Tamagochi Smart and as the name suggests, it is a smartwatch that you attach to your wrist so that you can keep track of the time and take care of your virtual pet at the same time. The new watch has a touch screen so you can pet your Tamagochi as well as voice recognition that allows you to talk to the little creature.

The desire for Tamagotchi died out fairly quickly in Europe, and it is doubtful whether the smart Tamagotchi watch will ever be launched here as well.

Source: Screenrant.com