The Verge summarizes CES 2021

CES 2021 is over for this year. Instead of gathering tech media from around the world to the exhibition halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, we got to hear the news from our homes and offices. Although you were not allowed to trudge around and fiddle with all the news the companies presented, the […]

What do you have in your bag, Marques?

When I’m out, I always have a bag with my necessary technology (that I want to have easily accessible during my journeys). Of course, MKBHD also has such a bag and in a new video he tells what he has in his.

Digital Foundry talks to Mark Cerny about PlayStation 5

Rich from Digital Foundry got the chance to talk to Sony’s Mark Cerny about the hardware of the upcoming Playstation 5. Most of the interview is follow-up questions for Mark’s Playstation 5 presentation he held a few weeks ago. As you might be able to figure out when you see names like Digital Foundry and […]

IBM Introduces PC-XT

37 years ago. IBM introduces the IBM Personal Computer XT, which stands for eXtended Technology. For a price of $4,995(!) it features a Intel 8088 processor, a 10MB hard drive, eight expansion slots, serial port, 128 kB RAM, 40Kb ROM, a keyboard, and one double-sided 360kB floppy drive.

HyperX Cloud Mix Review: Everyday set of Headphones?

HyperX has been known for making some of the best gaming headsets around. The Cloud Mix bluetooth headset on the other hand is a bit of an odd product when compared to the other members of the HyperX family, focusing on both gaming and everyday use. So how well does it stick out in the […]

This day in tech history

On this day, 36 years ago (1984) IBM introduced the IBM Portable Personal Computer, an early portable computer. It featured a 4.77MHz Intel 8088 processor, 256KB RAM, a 9 inch amber monitor, a 5.25″ floppy drive, and the DOS 2.1 operating system. It weighed 30 pounds (13,6kg) and cost $2,795. Try setting that on your lap.

Mother ‘reunites’ with dead daughter using virtual reality technology

Here you can watch an emotional clip where a mother in South Korea reunites with her deceased daughter in a VR experience. The deceased daughter has been recreated in the VR experience as a 3D model that can both move and interact with the mother. The mother is provided with a VR headset as well […]

Adam Savage puts the robot dog Spot to work

Adam Savage recently got a robot dog from Boston Dynamics. In the first video we got to see Adam play with Spot on an obstacle course, but now a new video has been released where Spot is put into proper work. The video is quite extensive and focuses quite a lot on the device itself […]

OWC Mercury Helios FX 650 Review: Supercharge your Laptop

Started to push the boundaries of what your PC or Mac can do in gaming and/or video rendering? Fear not. OWC Mercury Helios FX 650 (don’t you just love that name?) might have the solution for you. Inside the box. The Mercury Helios FX 650 measures 8 by 7.3 by 13.4 inches, and it weighs […]