The recent release of “Sull Island: Rise of Kong” has been met with scathing reviews, earning it a reputation as one of this year’s worst games. Anonymous employees from the IguanaBee studio have now revealed that a rushed one-year development cycle with limited resources was a significant factor behind this disappointing outcome.

The game’s development was exacerbated by the publisher GameMills’ practice of solely commissioning licensed titles and withholding crucial project details from the developers, forcing them to improvise.

According to sources, IguanaBee took on these challenging projects out of necessity to keep the studio afloat. This dire situation led to a budget crunch from February, affecting the development process significantly.

“Sull Island: Rise of Kong” serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by some game development studios in an industry where rushed timelines and inadequate resources can lead to subpar results.

Source: The Verge