It has long been known that Sony has been working on a new subscription service that is intended to compete with Microsoft’s acclaimed Game Pass, something that has now finally been revealed via Playstation Blog. The name Playstation Plus is retained and instead three different levels are now introduced which will be called Essential, Extra and Premium.

Playstation Plus Essential will be similar to what the subscription looks like today and offers two free downloadable games a month, discounts, cloud storage and the opportunity to play online with others. The price in Europe is set at €8.99 for a month, €24.99 for a quarter or €59.99 for a year.

Playstation Plus Extra includes everything from the essential level but will also offer a curated catalog of up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games for download. The price of this will in Europe be €13.99 for a month, €39.99 for a quarter or €99.99 for a year.

Finally, we have Playstation Plus Premium which includes everything from the two above levels but also adds a catalog of about 340 PS3, PS2 and PSP games for streaming. The titles will vary depending on the region you are in and will also be able to offer time-limited game demos. The price for Premium in Europe will be €16.99 for a month, €49.99 for a quarter or €119.99 for a year.

Source: Playstation Blog