The British security company Pen Test Partners has found a security gap in the male chastity belt Cellmate Chastity Cage, something that could give unauthorized control over who can lock the user’s penis.

The idea behind Cellmate Chastity Cage is that a man can let his partner “lock in” the user’s penis. This might be interesting if the user is notoriously unfaithful or has other problems controlling his penis. The safety hatch that has now been found however, could allow unauthorized persons to take control of the chastity belt via the associated app. This means that an unauthorized person could lock in the user’s penis. Even worse, there is no way to override that command from the manufacturer, the Chinese company Qiui.

There is no information whether the security gap in Cellmate Chastity Cage has so far affected any of their users. Should this be the case, users must cut the lock with a pair of bolt cutters or short-circuit the batteries in the cock lock. Two things that you might prefer to avoid doing near your penis.

I can’t recommend anyone to use manicures such as Cellmate Chastity Cage. Should you still be eager to try however, they cost 130 dollars each. Below, Pen Test Partner goes through the security slot.