Quentin Tarantino, the iconic filmmaker known for his innovative storytelling and stylized violence, has just announced the title of his upcoming tenth and potentially final film. He had previously revealed that he would only make ten films and then retire from the industry, but whether he will stick to this plan remains to be seen. The title of his latest project is The Movie Critic, and it is said to follow a female protagonist in the Los Angeles of the 1970s.

While Tarantino has kept other details about the film under wraps, sources close to The Hollywood Reporter have revealed that filming for The Movie Critic could start as early as this fall. Apparently, Tarantino has already completed the script for the film.

The rumor mill is churning with speculation that the film will follow the story of Pauline Kael, a renowned film critic who Tarantino deeply admires. However, concrete details about the plot are scarce, and fans will have to wait until production begins to learn more.

It’s no surprise that Tarantino’s announcement has sent shockwaves through the film industry. After all, his films are renowned for their gripping storytelling, memorable characters, and unapologetic violence. Whether The Movie Critic will live up to the high expectations set by Tarantino’s previous work remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: fans will be eagerly anticipating its release.

Source: Hollywood Reporter