Besides washing dishes, I think many people agree that cleaning is among the most boring things there is. Therefore, tools that make these tasks more enjoyable are always welcome, cut to – Philips AquaTrio 9000. The AquaTrio 9000 from Philips makes a lofty promise: to take care of the mopping and the vacuuming, all in one go. But how well does it work? I intend to tell you that in my review!

Unboxing experience

The box that the AquaTrio was delivered in outside my door is gigantic and I understand without having to read, that it will contain a lot of different parts. It feels a bit overwhelming at first, but by calmly and methodically looking over the parts and picking them out in the right order, I get a good idea of what the different parts do and where they should sit. However, I can warmly recommend a YouTube video for this particular point, as it makes things much easier.

In any case, in the box we find the main unit with motor, dust container, battery and function buttons and which in solitary majesty functions as a smaller handheld vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, we find two shafts, one of which with the associated nozzle is intended for regular vacuuming and a second that is used when you have to mop the floors. The latter is equipped with two containers, one for clean water and one for dirty water, and is combined with a nozzle that has two rotating brushes.

The colored LCD screen conveys battery capacity and guidance during and after cleaning. (Image credit:

In addition, a combined cleaning and storage station, a wall bracket, a couple of extra nozzles and cleaning agents are included. Does the AquaTrio 9000 seem to take up a lot of space? Unfortunately, it does. I’ll have to accept that this thing will never fit in my old cleaning cupboard.

Using the cleaner

The main unit, with a match weight of two kilos, is a solid piece with a pistol grip that sits nicely in the hand. There is a digital LCD screen and four function buttons: an on/off button, one used to activate the cleaning of the mopping nozzle and two to select the power mode (high and low). The screen conveys battery capacity and guidance during and after cleaning.

When vacuuming, the standard nozzle has a ramp with LED lights in the front to illuminate dirt and dust. This works very well and it is almost painful to realize how much dust and hairs you have at home.

If the floor is really dirty and in addition to vacuuming also needs a round of water, you quickly click on the intended nozzle for it instead (with the two tanks for clean and dirty water).

When vacuuming, the standard nozzle has a ramp with LED lights in the front to effectively illuminate dirt and dust. (Image credit: Philips)

The nozzle itself houses two microfiber brushes that rotate at high speed against each other. In combination with a constant flow of water, from one of the two reservoirs on the shaft, the floor is cleaned and the dirty water is then sucked up into the other water tank. You can use the function buttons on the main unit to set the flow of water in two modes. The result is good, most of both dust and stains are effectively removed and the nozzle reaches relatively well even along edges and in corners.

Here, too, it becomes painfully clear how much dirt actually accumulates in the home, as the tank for dirty water quickly fills with brown filthy water.

Cleaning the brushes

After mopping you need to clean the brushes, which is done by placing the Aquatrio 9000 in the cleaning/storage station which is then activated by pressing the dedicated button on the main unit. It takes roughly four minutes, after which the brushes must be removed from the nozzle and placed in the designated place on the storage station to dry. This step is a bit time-consuming and fiddly, but a must so that the brushes don’t start to smell musty.


The Philips AquaTrio 9000 costs significantly more than a regular vacuum cleaner and the steps to empty/fill with scrubbing water, as well as to clean the brushes are fiddly and time-consuming.

But if you want cleaning at home to be efficient and fun at the same time, the Philips AquaTrio 9000 might definitely be worth checking out. Assuming you have a good place in your home to store it (recommended on the wall in a corner).