OnePlus has nailed down the dates for the OnePlus 9 show and provided some information about the upcoming device. More specifically, it is about the camera and to improve the experience, OnePlus has started a long-term collaboration with the long-established camera maker Hasselblad, which is now owned by DJI.

OnePlus will in the coming years invest almost 150 million dollars to improve the camera experience together with Hasselblad and this will result in a number of changes. We have already learned that the OnePlus 9 series will use a new color calibration process called Natural Color Calibration, which will set a new color calibration standard and offer better color reproduction when shooting. Furthermore, Hasselblad Pro mode will move into the camera, giving users more control over their positions such as ISO, focus point, white balance and more, as well as the ability to take pictures in 12-bit RAW.

Source: OnePlus