Sometimes prototypes have to be tested in real life in real situations, and then they have to be masked so people don’t know about them. This common on new cars that have to be tested in real life and either get odd bodywork or foiling. But even smaller things like an Apple Watch must sometimes be tested outside its most secret labs and are placed in shells that make them usable but you still do not see the product itself.

In this case, an early Apple Watch that still has its shell but also alpha software from the time it was used for testing. It thus has a bunch of different test apps that are used to, among other things, test how the home screen works. It’s unclear how this particular prototype was used, but it may have been by Apple’s own staff to test the watch in different environments or maybe it was used to show features to partners.

As you can see below, the watch has no digital crown but instead has two buttons on the side. The home button is available instead of the button that is currently attached to the digital crown.