Rumors have abounded that something big is about to happen with EA Sports and FIFA and now we finally know what. After months of negotiations between the two parties, no way has been found to reach an agreement for continued partnership. This means that after the current agreement, which would actually expire after this year’s world championships in Qatar but has been extended to extend over the women’s football ditto next summer, it will cease to apply. As soon as that championship is over, it’s time for about 150 million FIFA players to get used to the game series’ new name, EA Sports FC.

The game under a new name should not in itself differ significantly from before which in itself FIFA (layers are used to at this point). Most teams with associated stars will remain as the license for teams and leagues is a separate deal, but on the other hand, of course, the World Cup and other FIFA-controlled events will disappear when the agreement expires.

However, this is not said to be a problem as it is considered that the vast majority buy the games for the opportunity to play football, not because FIFA itself represents the gaming experience. You simply do not stand and fall with the name FIFA.

Source: EA