Last week, the second generation of Google’s smart screen Nest Hub was released in the US and in some other markets, but here in Sweden it will not appear until next month.

Nest Hub 2 is just like its predecessor equipped with a seven inch screen and gets its intelligence from Google’s smart assistant Google Assistant. The biggest difference from its predecessor is that the Nest Hub 2 is equipped with Google’s radar chip Soli, a chip that can detect movements in the vicinity of the device.

With Soli, it will be possible to control some of Nest Hub 2’s functionality with the help of gestures. The radar chip also enables Nest Hub 2’s unique Sleep Sensing function, a function that can contactlessly register the user’s sleep. The Sleep Sensing feature can analyze the user’s sleep and also provide suggestions for things the user might be able to do to improve it.

In addition to the new sleep tracker function and gesture control, the Nest Hub 2 is also equipped with a new sound system that promises 50 percent more bass than what is in the current model. A new chip will also make the handling of queries to Google Assistant faster than in the first generation of Nest Hub.

Nest Hub 2 will be released in Sweden on May 4 and will then cost SEK 1,149. A subscription to Sleep Sensing will be included for free the first year, but what it will cost after that, there is so far no information about.

Source: Feber