In a stunning revelation, the recent leaks from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have uncovered one of the largest scandals to hit the gaming industry in recent memory, implicating tech giant Microsoft. The leaks not only exposed details about Microsoft’s latest Xbox console, which had been prematurely disclosed earlier today, but also shed light on intriguing email correspondences dating back to 2020. These emails delve into Microsoft’s fervent desire and potential strategies to acquire industry giants such as Nintendo, Valve, Warner Bros, and ZeniMax. Notably, ZeniMax stands as the sole company among these that has, to date, successfully merged with Microsoft.

The first of three paragraphs in the leaked email primarily focuses on Nintendo and the strategies being considered for a potential collaboration between the two companies. In the email, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, is quoted as saying:

“Nintendo is THE prime asset for us in Gaming, and today, Gaming represents our most promising avenue to achieve consumer relevance. Our Board of Directors has reviewed the comprehensive report on Nintendo (as well as Valve), and they are wholeheartedly supportive should the opportunity arise, as am I.”

The second paragraph of the email discusses ongoing discussions between Microsoft, Warner Bros, and ZeniMax at that time. Spencer concludes the email by emphasizing once again the importance of eventually incorporating Nintendo into Microsoft’s portfolio, stating:

“At some point, acquiring Nintendo would be a career-defining moment, and I genuinely believe it would be a mutually beneficial move for both companies. It’s just a matter of time before Nintendo realizes that their future extends beyond their own hardware. A matter of time… :-)”

These FTC leaks have sent shockwaves throughout the gaming industry, leaving industry experts and enthusiasts eagerly anticipating Microsoft’s future moves. The prospect of a collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo, two gaming giants, could potentially reshape the landscape of the gaming world. As this story continues to develop, the gaming community is left to ponder the implications of such a monumental partnership on the horizon.

Source: The Verge