Long before Bungie became the Games as a Service (GAAS) powerhouse they are today with Destiny, and even before their widespread success with Xbox and Halo, they exclusively focused on developing games for Apple’s operating system. One of their notable titles from that era was the first-person shooter Marathon, which made its debut in 1994.

Since Marathon Infinity, the final game in the short-lived trilogy, released in 1996, the series has been relatively quiet. That is, until now. In a surprising turn of events, Bungie has announced their unexpected return to their roots, revealing a brand-new installment in the Marathon franchise, accompanied by an incredibly stunning and well-scored trailer.

Christopher Barrett, representing Bungie, shared the following insights: “Marathon is designed from the start as a PvP-focused game and won’t feature a single-player campaign. Instead, we are building upon the PvP experience as the foundation, allowing player-driven stories to unfold within an integrated game narrative. We are constructing a world filled with persistent, evolving zones where players can forge their own path with each run they embark upon. This could entail unforgettable firefights against rival crews vying for the same loot or last-second extractions amidst a barrage of enemies.”

According to reports, the trailer showcased below does not feature any authentic gameplay footage, indicating that the release may still be quite a distance away.

While details remain scarce, Bungie’s unexpected revival of the Marathon series has stirred excitement among fans. With their expertise in crafting engaging multiplayer experiences, players can anticipate a fresh take on the franchise that holds true to its roots while delivering innovative gameplay and immersive storytelling. As the journey to release unfolds, fans eagerly await further updates and announcements from Bungie.