Most of us had to google to see if it was really true that Bowser became head of Nintendo of America in 2019, and laughed when it became clear that Doug Bowser was a very real person. Now it’s time to laugh again for one of the hackers from Team Xecuter, who has made millions by creating and selling technology for illegal ROM titles from Switch and Nintendo 3DS, among others, is also called Bowser (Gary Bowser) and now has sentenced to prison.

Nintendo writes in a press release that the trial against Gary Bowser is now complete, and the verdict is that Bowser will serve three years and four months in prison, this in addition to the around $10 million USD he has already been sentenced to pay. Nintendo originally wanted a five-year sentence, while Bowser was hoping for “only” 19 months, but the court ended with something in between.

A reminder not to f**k with Nintendo, not even if you happen to be Bowser.

Source: PC Gamer